Financial Stability Initiative



Employment is the foundation of financial stability. Families need a steady source of income that covers the cost of basic necessities before they can achieve long-term financial goals. In addition, basic money management skills are critical to building a stable financial future.

Why it Matters

  • 26,000+ households in Chippewa and Eau Claire counties struggle to afford the basic cost of living.
  • 40% of adults say they have a budget and keep close track of spending. (This is less than half!)
  • 85% of Chippewa Valley businesses reported difficulty filling certain positions.

What We Will Achieve

Chippewa Valley residents will achieve self-sufficiency through employment training and personal money management skills.


Key Tactics

  • Middle and High School Students - provide financial literacy and work readiness education and exposure to high demand occupations.
  • Unemployed Adults of those in low-paying jobs who need help to advance - provided with employment skills training, financial literacy education and exposure to high demand occupations.
  • United Way Microgrants - assist local residents who have unmet financial need to be successful in completing their degree programs so they can become gainfully employed in the Chippewa Valley. Microgrants are provided to address financial barriers such as child care, transportation and car repair expenses.
  • Financial Coaching - United Way offers a FREE financial coaching program to help residents develop skills and confidence in managing money.
  • Workplace Financial Education-  United Way is coordinating FREE workplace financial education sessions to help individuals manage their finances.