Day of Caring

The 2022 Day of Caring will be held Friday, September 16.

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Day of Caring Forms

Interested in being a part of the largest volunteer event in the Chippewa Valley? Here are some project requirements and helpful tips to make sure your organization and the volunteer team assigned to your project both have a great experience.


  • Projects must be completed on Friday, September 16, 2022, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to be a part of Day of Caring.
  • Fully complete the project submission form below. The more detail you can provide the better. 
  • Projects must be located in Chippewa or Eau Claire County.
  • Special exceptions may be made for sites outside of Chippewa or Eau Claire County if the program serves Chippewa and Eau Claire residents. Please contact Amanda at or 715-834-5043 if you feel that your project falls within this category.
  • You must have enough tools and/or supplies available for volunteers.
  • If you do not have enough tools for volunteers, please call out that need on your project submission form.
  • Fundraising cannot be an element of your Day of Caring project.
  • A representative from your organization must be present and accessible to volunteers during the entire project.
  • Please do not keep volunteers longer than requested.
  • If your project goes longer than you planned, please do not make volunteers feel obligated to stay. If volunteers choose to stay longer on their own that of course is totally fine!


The more volunteers, the better.

Any-size project can be submitted. However, projects with 5 or more volunteers have a better chance of volunteers being assigned to them because volunteer team size is usually 5 or more people.

Three hours is the sweet spot.

You can submit a project that takes 1 hour or 8 hours, but the most popular time frame for volunteers to be available is 2-4 hours. That being said, there are teams that are available all day and looking for longer projects.

Morning projects are most popular.

Most projects take place in the morning starting at 8:30 or 9 a.m. However, there are always teams looking for later morning or early afternoon projects, too.

You may not have a project, but what about a person or family you serve?

We welcome you to reach out to individuals and families you know are in need. Volunteers love to help out people at their homes with general maintenance and upkeep projects!


Before signing up to volunteer for Day of Caring, a team lead needs to be designated and volunteers should know the name of that individual. If you are volunteering and do not know who your team lead is, ask someone at your workplace or contact Amanda Obenhoffer at United Way at 715-834-5043.

The Volunteer Team Lead is the individual in charge of a volunteer team. Volunteer Team Leads are responsible for:

  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Selecting projects
  • Informing volunteers about details of the assigned project
  • Ensuring all members of their group register for the event by the deadline
  • For the day of the event, reminding the team to:
    • Bring water to keep hydrated
    • Be prepared for weather with outdoor projects (consider bringing sunscreen, sunglasses, disposable rain poncho)
    • Dress in layers to prepare for cool morning and warm afternoon
  • Encouraging the team to buy t-shirts, collecting payment and then ordering the t-shirts on behalf of the team
  • Being a liaison between United Way and the Project Coordinator (the person in charge of the project at the organization being helped)
  • Picking up team t-shirts at United Way office 


***All volunteers, including team leads, need to fill out the registration form using the button below.***


Team leaders need to pick the top three project selections on behalf of their team. After reading the available list of projects (click on the button above), fill out the form below. When selecting the top three choices for your team, keep the following in mind: 

  • Look at the number of volunteers needed for a project. This number should correspond with the number of volunteers on your team.
  • Any projects that need volunteers to have special skills/talents/tools will be highlighted in yellow. If your team has these special skills/talents/tools, feel free to pick the project as one of your top three choices. If you do not, please pick different projects.
  • If a project has been assigned it will have a line through the project details. Please do not pick this as one of your top three choices.
  • We will do our best to meet the interests of the volunteer teams, however, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned one of your top three choices. Projects will be assigned as selections come in.
  • Thank you for volunteering!

Day of Caring T-shirts
are now available for purchase!

Only $15 each!

Due to the high administrative costs associated with processing individual credit card orders, Team Leads need to submit one joint payment (check or credit card) for t-shirt orders from your team/organization. This change will help us to make a larger impact in our community with the t-shirt sales!

This year's Day of Caring design will be printed on a lighter weight tri-blend material, in dark heather grey. All proceeds to benefit the Chippewa Valley. Thank you for volunteering and supporting!

Front of Day of Caring T-ShirtBack of Day of Caring T-Shirt