Basic Needs


While we work to address the root causes of important community issues, United Way realizes that there are individuals in our region who need our support right now. That’s why we work to provide basic needs of food, shelter, health, and safety. When individuals are unable to meet their immediate needs, it becomes more difficult to focus on long-term goals such as employment, housing, or education. When a crisis occurs, United Way is there, providing those in need with services and assistance to bring the stability they need to get back on track.

Programs partnered with United Way in the Basic Needs focus area are required to collaborate with other programs that help transition these clients beyond basic needs assistance, and help them move toward long-term self-sustainability. 

Target Population: Households that face economic challenges, living below 200% of poverty guidelines, or people who face emergency situations.

Basic Needs Services:

  • Food - includes groceries and meals.
  • Shelter/Housing - includes sleeping, transitional, warming, and personal hygiene facilities, as well as rental assistance.  (Does not include energy assistance.)
  • Clothing - includes all types of clothing.
  • Medical care - includes basic health care and prescriptions.
  • Dental care - includes basic dental care and prescriptions.
  • Programs that enhance access to the above services.