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Health, Education, Financial Stability, and Basic Needs

Along with supporting basic needs, we're fighting for the health, education, and financial stability of every resident in the Chippewa Valley because we believe that will make our community stronger.

When you give to United Way, you are helping to ensure children enter school ready to succeed, that people in our community will be more financially stable, and that everyone can have the best opportunities for health and wellness. In addition, you are making sure that those facing crisis have access to food, clothing, shelter, and basic medical care.

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12,557 Chippewa Valley residents helped

With one simple donation, you're helping thousands in your own community. Your donations stay in Eau Claire and Chippewa counties and you're making very important work possible. Last year, donors helped 12,557 Chippewa Valley residents. Funding of our Program Partners allowed:

  • 1,113 residents to be served through the Health initiative
  • 6,933 residents to be served through the Education initiative
  • 1,317 residents to be served through the Financial Stability initiative
  • 3,194 residents to be served through the Basic Needs initiative

60,234 meals were served at two meal sites.


From July 1, 2020, through June 30, 2021, United Way:

  • Provided 160 literacy kits to children through “Read to Me” book month
  • Packed 10,800 pounds of food into emergency food bags, 4,500 pounds of pasta, and 2,500 pounds of rice
  • Helped Chippewa Valley residents file their taxes for free in 2021 through partnerships with and H&R block (the filers' average return for the 2020 tax year was $2,199)
  • Distributed $65,744 as part of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program
  • Had individuals spend 2186 hours volunteering for us

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