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By giving to United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley, you are investing in a stronger community by helping us not only addressing immediate needs, but preventing these needs in the first place. Then, we can make a difference not just today for a few people, but for the future of us all.

By supporting United Way’s education, income and health initiatives, you are helping to ensure disadvantaged kids enter school ready to succeed, that people in our community will be more financially stable, and that everyone can have the best opportunities for health and wellness. In addition, you are making sure that those facing crisis have access to food, clothing, shelter and health care.


It is my honor to serve as this year's United Way Campaign Chairman.I believe in United Way's Mission of bringing together the tremendous power of programs all over the Chippewa Valley, to assist individuals to improve their current position and their future opportunities. By accomplishing this mission, I believe we will have a safer, healthier, and more prosperous communityfor everyone.


  • Ensure the healthy physical, cognitive and emotional development of children from families below 200% federal poverty guidelines so they are ready to succeed in school
  • Improve the financial stability of individuals and families by teaching youth and adults how to reduce debt, balance their budgets, and save money
  • Increase household earnings through skills training and job placement
  • Provide greater access to mental health care and increase awareness of mental health issues
  • Reduce obesity by improving health behaviors, changing community norms to encourage healthy food choices, and improve access to and services by clinical care through prevention and intervention programs
  • Reduce alcohol misuse by identifying its root causes in society, focusing on early intervention, reduce unhealthy and risky behaviors related to alcohol use, and collaborate with schools, local government and others institutions.
  • Decrease intimate partner violence by ensuring availability of advocacy, safety planning and counseling to victims, provide comprehensive services to children exposed to domestic violence, and promote greater awareness to the public.

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