Workplace Campaign


Take your place. Be the change.Most employees appreciate having an opportunity to invest in their community – and employee campaigns are the easiest and most effective ways to do it. Employee giving provides the major share of the annual community campaign. It is by that “sharing” that so much is accomplished. Furthermore, employees have fun - from dunk tanks to turkey bowls, companies consistently find novel ways to raise those needed dollars while building camaraderie and a team spirit!

Your first step would be to obtain the support of the key decision maker in your organization. With their backing, the payroll department can initiate the payroll deduction process. At campaign time, employees can easily choose to have a small amount deducted from their pay, and won’t even miss it. Your company becomes a member of the community of investors – receiving public recognition.

When you give.2012 Campaign materials.

We invite you to follow the links above to find more information about the United Way community campaign. The When You Give button takes you to a page that details the different ways that campaign dollars support the Chippewa Valley. Click the Campaign Materials button to view support literature and other resources available when running a workplace campaign.

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