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May 12, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friend,
Welcome. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us.
Every person and organization exists both in the perception of others and in one’s own perception. So it is with United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley. It is crucial for organizations to check others’ understanding of their vision. It is crucial – it is not easy.
Since returning to the board a few years ago I have done a lot of listening. I have yet to encounter someone who doesn’t care about United Way. Enthusiasm and criticism, memories and current impressions all reflect thoughtful and engaged care for our community – for our non-profits and our vulnerable neighbors. People care about United Way and want it to change – to be bigger, better, stronger, different. 
Now I stand in a different role, listen to new voices and appreciate different things. May I take a moment to say - our United Way staff is remarkable. Each is deeply committed, broadly engaged and professionally adept. What a team!
The Chippewa Valley shares a hope for United Way.
Leadership and influence through broad and vital network collaboration is United Way’s reason for existence and way of taking action. We understand the complicated, systemic nature of the problems we are working to solve. We make targeted decisions and take focused action with the expectation and hope of lasting impact.
Our network teams of expert and engaged community leaders and Program Partners is immense and breathtaking in their caring commitment. Beyond our United Way teams we enjoy trusting and effective relationships with school districts and counties, and non-profits who are not Program Partners but partner all the same – because they understand how the Chippewa Valley will rise.
We will rise together.
United Way shines brightly during this upsetting global pandemic. As of a week ago, donors have entrusted United Way with $424 million dollars in the US; $639 million globally. Locally, checks arrive continuously. Why are we trusted like this?
We are trusted because we already understand. We are trusted because our relationships are already in place. We are trusted because adapting is efficient and successful because service to the vulnerable is the only thing for which we have ever worked. 
Thank you so much for putting your trust in us. It is our honor to be your partner. None of this is possible without you.
Here, and in future communications, we’ll tell you how we’re advancing the common good – together with you. In this newsletter you will read about our commitment to partnership during COVID response, our gratitude as we take an important moment to look back, and how hopeful we are as we look forward. 
Yours for the Common Good,
Karen Hebert, United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley's Interim Executive Director
Adapting to Serve Our Community During
Difficult Times
During times of uncertainty and crisis, people, organizations, and communities come together to support one another in remarkable ways. COVID-19 has and continues to test the collective strength of our communities in the Chippewa Valley. The crisis at hand has caused United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley (UWGCV) to adapt and respond in new ways to best serve our community.
Small Act - Big Impact
UWGCV Welcomes Mike Tzanakis as 2020 Campaign Chair
“After reading the United Way ALICE Report and discovering the number of Chippewa Valley residents who are living on the edge of poverty, and the impacts that UWGCV has made for these families, I knew had to become involved with UWGCV in a larger way,” shared Mike.
Thank you, Jan Porath!
Jan worked tirelessly to help make our community better. I certainly join a large number of people in thanking Jan for her service to United Way, including the large number of silent neighbors who benefited from her work."
-Peter Farrow, CEO at Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire
Event Updates
32nd Annual United Way Golf Tournament
United Way’s annual Golf Tournament is a great fundraiser for the organization and an opportunity for our sponsors and supporters to network. We are working on a new format to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We plan to host the event on Monday, August 17 at Lake Wissota Golf. Online registration will now begin on Monday, June 15. More details to come.
Day of Caring
United Way's Day of Caring has been a cornerstone event held each September for over 20 years. We are working on creating a plan for a modified event - think parks, days of food packing and small, safe teams working at our wonderful non-profit agencies as they can accommodate us. More details to come in June.
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