Children are Born Learning

What they learn depends upon the experiences they have each day. One example of how United Way is helping is through the installation of Born Learning Trails throughout Eau Claire and Chippewa counties. 

The United Way Born Learning Trail is a set of nine outdoor activities for children and their caregivers to do together...learning as they go. Take it from Stephanie and her 4 year old daughter, Ava, who explored the trail at Irvine Park:

"Ava is a little learner so she is not content to just play but needs to know the mechanics behind it 'Why can she jump so high?' 'Why are trees green?' 'Why do birds sing?' 

When we found the Born Learning trail, she was pretty pumped. She got to practice reading the signs (she is still learning) then act out what it told her. Her favorite was the hopscotch because 'she jumps as high as rabbits', and because it included numbers.

It is such a great idea because you can get kids of every age to interact on their level. And you can take the activity and easily expand on it just based on the location of the park. Hop through the leaves 5 times: find all the yellow things... It even involves parents. We have gone back a handful of times since first finding the trail, and each time, Ava asks to :do the path, mama!"

There are 12 Born Learning Trails installed in communities across the Chippewa Valley. Your support is helping our children to grow and learn! Thank You!