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Digital Resources

Do you have internet at home?
Are you aware of the Affordable Connectivity Program?
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How comfortable are you with technology skills?
Are you aware of any organizations in Eau Claire County that work on...
Broadband (high-speed internet) affordability issues?
Broadband (high-speed internet) expansion to underserved/unserved areas?
Digital skills (technology) training?
Availability of free or low-cost devices?


Please check all the services you will use at this event. Check all that apply.


Your household is eligible if you are at or below the 200% Federal Poverty Line OR on certain governmental assistance programs (such as SNAP, Medicaid, WIC, Pell Grant, Free/Reduced Lunch, or other qualifying federal programs). If you have any questions about your eligibility please call Amber Scharenbroch at (715) 834-5043.
Check any special circumstances that apply.
Check any specific eligibility criteria that applies. If none apply, you are ineligible for the ACP or a $30 device. (check all that apply)
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You are ineligible for the ACP or the $30 device. This mean you cannot use the following services at the event:
  • Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Enrollment
  • Purchasing of an Affordable Device ($30)


Affordable Connectivity Program Information

Which internet service provider do you want to use your ACP credit with?

Affordable Device Information

**You will need to bring cash or check with you to pay for your $30 device at the event.**
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Digital Skills (Technology) Training Information

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