Workplace Financial Education

In partnership with local professionals, United Way will bring FREE financial education sessions to your workplace to help your employees learn tips on managing their finances. 
Offering financial education at work is beneficial both for employees and employers, as research shows that employee productivity is negatively impacted by personal financial stress. These are purely informational sessions that are part of our strategy to help more people in the Chippewa Valley become and stay financially stable. There will be no “ask” to give to United Way, and there is no cost or fee associated with hosting the sessions for your employees. Ideally, we ask for a minimum of 10 employee participants and it is helpful, but not required, for employers to incentivize attendance by offering lunch, door prize, etc. to employees who participate. 
Please see below for a list of 30 minute (unless otherwise noted)  session topics that are currently available. If you would like to schedule a session fill out the form below. The sessions are taught by local professionals and coordinated by United Way staff. 
Budgeting (1 hour session)
  • Planning for regular and unexpected expenses
  • Spending guidelines: How much should I be spending on housing, food, entertainment, etc.?
Pay Yourself First
  • Why is it important to save?
  • Identify options to help reach your saving goal
Credit Score
  • How are scores calculated?
  • What information is on my credit report?
  • How can I protect and improve credit score?
Keep It Safe
  • Educates participants on how to protect their finances and identity