Supporting Families for School Readiness


When you invest in United Way you are helping young children in the Chippewa Valley to enter school ready to succeed. Here is just one example of how United Way is working with its partners to change lives.

Paul and Sarah Stevens attended a playgroup supported by United Way with their 1-year-old daughter, Emma. They enrolled Emma in a Home Visiting Program called "Parents as Teachers," also supported in-part by United Way, and scheduled monthly home visits from a Parent Educator at River Source Family Center. The Steven's family began regularly attending Rural Playgroups in Bloomer and Cornell. They also participated in another program that United Way partners with: Parent Cafes. As a result of their participation in these programs, Paul and Sarah created a strong supportive network with other parents and RSFC staff to support them on their parenting journey.

Paul, Sarah and Emma now help families to make connections and feel supported at RSFC by greeting new families and happily sharing about these United Way supported programs. Sarah says, "We have found friends and family in our community and this is a great feeling to have as we raise our daughter."

United Way is working with our program partners to help parents/caregivers in lower income households provide supportive environments for children birth to 5 years. These are critical years to a child's development and will impact the rest of their lives. By supporting United Way, you're helping program partners provide important services to ensure all children in our community are given the chance to succeed.

Thank you for transforming the lives of children and families like Emma, Paul and Sarah through your support of United Way.