Making Life More Stable for Children

You are improving the mental health of children here in the Chippewa Valley through your support of United Way. Three siblings John (10), Mary (8), and Jane (5) received mental health therapy in their school through Children's Hospital of Wisconsin-Community Services, a United Way funded program partner. 

John, Mary and Jane were removed from their parent's home due to neglect, domestic violence and drug abuse. Mental health therapy in their new school was especially beneficial for these children. John, Mary and Jane were transitioning to their 5th home placement. Additionally, John and Mary were again trying to adjust to a new school. This was John's 16th new school and Mary's 13th new school. These kids were experiencing grief and loss of their biological family and were struggling to deal with the constant change and turmoil in their young lives.

Prior to starting this program, John was disruptive and difficulty with anger. Mary was quiet and demonstrated internalized grief and worry. Jane would become hysterically upset when she was left alone- even for a moment.

Because of your investment in United Way these children were provided ongoing therapy in their school throughout the school year and following summer. John, Mary, and Jane became more able to identify an express their emotions in helpful ways. Cohesiveness and a sense of belonging with their new family were promoted during sessions. Teachers reported that they were "very pleased with progession" and that the therapist "built a positive relationship" with the children.

John, Mary and Jane are currently living with an aunt who plans to adopt them with her husband and 3 children. Thank you for making life more stable for these siblings. You are helping to change the lives of so many children through your support of United Way.