A Fresh Start

Through your support of United Way, you've given Jordan a fresh start. Jordan is a young man with a troubled past. Some bad decisions and a probation sentence brought him to Western Dairyland's Fresh Start program- a program supported by United Way.

As part of the Fresh Start program, Jordan and other youth worked together to build a house while learning employment, money management and life skills. The program helps struggling youth to get back on the right track.

After two years in the program, Jordan successfully completed his probation and applied for the Auto Mechanics program at CVTC. He spent 1,700 hours with the program, earned educational awards, and completed his first year of the CVTC Auto Mechanics program.

This May, Jordan will graduate from his CVTC program and he has enough educational awards to graduate without student loans. He has turned his life around with the help of United Way, Fresh Start, and his determination to build a better life for himself, his daughter and his family. When Jordan succeeds, we all benefit.

Every day we fight for Jordan and others like him our community. Thank you for helping to make life better for Jordan adn the countless other Chippewa Valley residents you help by supporting United Way.