Eliminating the Burden of Debt

Bill and Rita received life-changing credit counseling services from United Way's Financial Stability Partnership. When Bill and Rita started their relationship with the Financial Solutions Program at Family Means their debt was well over $30,000. They had heard about Family Means (a United Way funded program partner) on Public TV and thought it might be a way to end their sleepless nights and anxiety about their financial future. Once they met with Family Means, it was only a matter of a few weeks before an account was setup which allowed them to begin making payments on their debt. Gradually all of their negative thoughts about their financial challenges began to dissipate.

Bill and Rita will always be grateful for the support they received. Five years later, they received the statement in the mail that they had been waiting for. It said that their estimated balance on their monthly debt statement was $0.00!

Credit counseling programs provided through United Way's Financial Stability Partnership are changing people's lives by giving people the tools and support they need to improve their finances. Thank you for your support.