Emerging Leaders Housing Project


Families often move from a shelter to their own apartments with nothing to furnish their homes and very few of the necessities. Moving is expensive for anyone, and for many of these families, the move exhausts any savings they have and places them in a financially unstable position. The Emerging Leaders Housing Project helps cover some of the up-front costs of families moving from shelter. Emerging Leaders work with the family to collect some basic furnishings and help address needs specific to each participating family. Emerging Leaders lend their professional expertise to the family by offering some financial planning assistance and helping create “success centers” in the home - for example bill payment and organizing stations, or places for kids to do their homework.

Emerging Leaders work closely with nonprofit case managers and shelter providers to identify families that are ready to move to their own housing. Our partners continue to provide case management and support to the family as they move out on their own.

Emerging Leaders aim to make this critical transition easier to help the family stay financially secure and independent. We can help families spend less time in shelter and more time in stable housing. That’s a win for everyone. It’s less cost to our nonprofit partners and local government, it’s a healthier and more stable environment for kids, and it’s helping parents get back to working and contributing to our community. Please consider supporting this event so we can continue to help families get back on their feet and ensure kids have safe, stable, nurturing homes to live in.