Financial Stability Partnership Programs


Financial Stability Partnership Programs

What programs are part of the
Financial Stability Partnership?
Information current through June 30, 2018

fsp-navigationChippewa Valley Technical College
fsp-navigationJunior Achievement of Wisconsin Northwest District
fsp-navigationWestern Dairlyland Economic Opportunity Council - Fresh Start
fsp-navigationWestern Dairlyland Economic Opportunity Council - H.E.L.P.

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Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) Foundation: United Way Microgrant Program

This partnership has been established to address the skills gap that exists in our community. This means that we have a lack of skilled workers for employment opportunities that exist right here in the Chippewa Valley.

The microgrants are intended to support students in locally in-demand degree/certificate programs by reducing financial barriers which might impact their ability to complete their education. Student microgrants (in amounts up to $900) can be used to pay for tuition/books, child care, transportation, or a number of other financial situations and emergencies that can impact student retention in these programs.

The idea is, when these students graduate they will attain jobs that pay a living wage, and they will also boost our economy by filling the skills gaps that have been identified by local employers.

The following CVTC programs have been identified as high demand (and under-filled) positions within Eau Claire and Chippewa counties:

Skills Gap vocational programs

Architectural Structural Design
Automation Engineering Technology
Electrical Power Distribution
Industrial Mechanic
Information Technology-Mobile Developer
Information Technology-Network Specialist
Information Technology-Software Developer
Machine Tooling Technics
Manufacturing – Engineering Technologist
Medical Assistant
Medical Laboratory Technician
Nursing Assistant
Nursing-Associate Degree
Residential Construction
Truck Driving
Welding Fabrication


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Consumer Credit Counseling Services

This program offers budget and credit counseling services at no cost to individuals and families who are facing financial crisis or otherwise difficult financial situations. This program works with individuals and families to identify a long-term financial strategy; this includes discussion on how to cut expenses, increase revenue and manage credit to create a balanced budget. These services will have a direct impact on the financial stability of individuals and families in the Chippewa Valley.

FamilyMeans collaborates with the following agency:

• Family Resource Center


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Junior Achievement of WI-NW District -
Personal Finance and Work Readiness Education

This program utilizes career professionals who volunteer to teach students about budgeting, debt and saving for the future in Chippewa and Eau Claire county classrooms. The curriculum used by Junior Achievement (JA) also facilitates middle and high school students’ development of soft skills like critical thinking, teamwork, adaptability and work ethic, which are essential to the future employment of these students.

The program utilizes the following curriculum:

  • "JA Economics for Success"-Provides middle school youth practical information about personal finance and the importance of identifying education and career goals based on a student’s skills, interests and values.
  • "JA It’s My Future"-Provides middle school youth practical information about preparing for the working world and exploring potential careers.
  • "JA Career Success and Job Shadow"-Equips high school students with tools and skills required to earn and keep a job in a high-growth career.
  • "JA Personal Finance"-Teaches high school youth skills surrounding finance including: earning money, saving and investing, using credit cautiously and protecting one’s personal finances.

Junior Achievement of WI-NW District collaborates with the following agencies:

  • Altoona School District
  • Augusta School District
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Chippewa Falls School District
  • Chippewa Valley Technical College
  • Eau Claire Area School District
  • Fall Creek School District
  • McDonnell Catholic Schools
  • Regis Catholic Schools

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Western Dairyland - Fresh Start

WDEOC - Fresh Start program

This program offers at-risk youth a chance to rebuild their lives by receiving employment wages while learning (hands-on) the construction job skills needed to build affordable housing and advance career opportunities in the field of construction. Additionally, these youth learn how to budget their wages, and the program emphasizes completion of educational attainments such as high school diploma or GED while supporting students in achieving those goals.

Western Dairyland’s Fresh Start program collaborates with the following agencies:

  • Beaver Creek Reserve
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Eau Claire Area School District
  • Eau Claire Probation and Parole
  • McKinley Charter School
  • University of Wisconsin-Extension

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Western Dairyland - Homeless Employment Linking Program (HELP)

This program utilizes an employment specialist to work with homeless individuals who need employment or training services. This begins while the individual is in shelter, and case management continues for six months after placement in permanent housing.

Western Dairyland’s HELP program collaborates with the following agency:

  • Family Promise of the Chippewa Valley - Beacon House

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Financial stability will make the Chippewa Valley stronger