What Your Dollars Can Do


What Kind of Difference Can You Make?

Dollars donated to United Way help to support over 40 programs administered by 26 local nonprofit organizations to support the health, financial stability, education and basic needs of those in the greater Chippewa Valley who are in need. Below are single examples of the value of your donation.


$1 per paycheck
buys 10 books for young children who may otherwise have limited early literacy opportunities. By reading at home from an early age, these children become prepared for kindergarten and a lifetime of academic success.


$5 per paycheck
provides oral health supplies and fluoride varnishes for 14 children from low-income families. Providing preventative oral health care for these young children increases their capacity for academic success as poor oral health correlates with lower school performance and decreased school attendance.


$10 per paycheck
covers the cost of one Play N’ Learn group in a rural community. Parents and young children in rural towns have limited access to quality early learning experiences in their neighborhoods. Play N’ Learn groups provide parents the support they need to be their child’s first teacher and increase positive outcomes for children.


Leadership Circle Giving

provides a microgrant to one student who has unmet financial need to remain in vocational training for jobs that are in-demand by local employers. United Way microgrants reduce financial barriers for these students who would otherwise be at risk of not completing their education.

provides one month of mental health counseling to 12 kids from low-income families. To increase access to quality mental health services, counseling is offered in participating schools, either in individual or group therapy sessions.

supplies mental health prescriptions for an entire year to 25 low-income patients who would otherwise go without. By providing access to mental health care services, low-income adults are better able to live a quality live and improve their ability to participate in work, home and community life.

offers hands-on educational experiences to foster financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship to 140 middle and high school students in five classrooms. Without this programming, these youth may lack the skills needed to enter the workforce or manage their personal finances successfully.


*All investments calculated based on payment per pay period with 26 pay periods per year. Totals are based on an average.