United Way Brand Usage and Guidelines

United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley 2013 Gold Awards.


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We greatly appreciate any individual or group who supports and promotse the United Way mission, whether as a volunteer, a donor or an advocate. Brand recognition and overall brand experience is critical for donor, volunteer and advocate engagement. At United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley, we honor the guidelines set forth by our United Way Worldwide affiliate and find it important to share these guidelines with you to ensure a positive brand experience. As you would hope your image and name are properly represented, it is truly a benefit to the overall causes we support if you could follow some basic rules when using our name, logo, or LIVE UNITED call-to-action:


  1. When referencing our local United Way, please refer to United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley at least initially. It’s extemely important to us that everything we do is local and all money raised stays local, and calling out our local United Way helps reinforce that.
  2. “The” is not actually part of our brand name. Just as it is not, “The Microsoft” or “The Coca Cola,” we are simply “United Way,” as in, “United Way works to promote the common good by supporting the building blocks to a better quality of life . . . ”
  3. Our call to action, LIVE UNITED, is extremely important to us, not just as a “motto,” but as a true mission statment. This is actually a registered trademark, and as such, we would ask that you refrain from rewording it, such as to create an event. For example, instead of a 5K run/walk fundraiser being called, “Run United,” we would ask that you instead consider, “LIVE UNITED 5K Run” or “5K Run for United Way.” Please be sure to use the trademarked LIVED UNITED graphic when referencing this (see more on logos and graphics below).


  1. When using either the United Way logo or the United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley logo, please be sure not to stretch or squeeze the logo. Logos should be kept to the original aspect ratio (we much prefer you to shrink the logo to fit than to distort it). This also applies to the LIVE UNITED graphic.
  2. Please only use the logos provided at left. These are the official logos. We have them available in different formats for various uses.
  3. When possible, we prefer you use our Local United Way logo to help promote the fact that funds raised our to support our area. However, depending on design, you are also welcome to use the “Worldwide” United Way logo.
  4. Please do not change the color of the logo, or remove or use elements of the logo (such as using just the hand and orange person icon). The logo and all its components are intended only to be used in its original state.

Should you have any questions or need anything from us, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 715-834-5043!


Our United Way sincerely hopes that including the United Way logo on your marketing and communications will be supportive of your mission. We encourage our program partners to let the community know about our partnership, as it will benefit you, us, and the community campaign. There are some simple guidelines we ask you to follow above and beyond what is mentioned above:

  1. If you are including the United Way logo anywhere in your marketing to make a visual reference to the fact that you are a United Way program partner, please use the “United Way Community Partner” logo. This makes it more clear to your public that you are not run by United Way, but supported by United Way.
  2. If using just the United Way logo, please be sure there is copy above or beside the logo that references what our partnership is (i.e. “Funded in part by”). Again, this is simply to make clear that you are an autonomous entity that we support, not an extension of United Way. We do not want to steal credit for what you do!
  3. United Way should never be included as part of your organization's name, either in text or with graphic. United Way is an independent organization and incorporating the United Way name and/or logo as part of your logo or organization name would wrongly imply that you are a division of or otherwise operated by United Way.