2013 LINC Training Session - September 27th

LINC training is designed to be the first step in learning to becoming an effective board member. Whether you are a seasoned board member, or thinking about becoming a board member, these courses will prepare you to confidently serve your community. The presenter is Brent Hafele, Principal Consultant at NewDay Nonprofit Solutions (CLICK HERE TO VIEW BIO).





How to find the right match for your board service.

Like breakfast in the morning, new board members need to get a good start to their board experience. Learn about recruiting new board members, picking the right board to serve on, and get the right start to your board service.

Governance vs. Management

Discerning the line between governance and management can sometimes be as easy as holding Jello in your hand. We’ll talk about the difference between the two as well as work to understand how to govern effectively.

Making the biggest impact as a board member

"I’m on the board. Now what do I do?" We’ll take on the powerful Governance as Leadership framework for even greater board impact.

Fundraising Basics

"Dear Mom and Dad, please send money." If only fundraising were that easy. Learn a few basic fundraising concepts every board member should know to support and govern the organization.

Common Board Issues

No, the sky is not falling; however by nature, boards can run into all sorts of problems. These sessions will address potential challenge areas such as the President and Executive Director relationship, board ethics (i.e. conflict of interest), rogue board members, and board member apathy. There is even time to bring your own board challenges to discuss.


LINC Training will be held on Friday, September 27th from 8:30am to 3:30pm
Charter Bank

1010 W Clairemont Ave, Eau Claire


Call us at 715-834-5043 to pay for your LINC sessions by Credit Card, or mail your check to:

United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley
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Or e-mail any questions or comment to: dolson@uwgcv.org